What is Quick Base?

Quick Base is an online Application platform which enables businesses to solve problems.  Using low-code rapid application development, your business can create scalable Applications in hours and days instead of months and years.

Quick Base provides your business with an online collaborative environment which can be customized to enable automation across your workflows empowering your teams and giving you dynamic insight to your business.  All of this enables you to make real-time decisions at all levels of your business.

Centralizing your data collection into Quick Base gives you the accessibility you need with 24/7 availability worldwide with an internet connection.  Quick Base features include customized:

  • Data entry with easy-to-use webforms
  • Dashboards grouping data together on Application Home Pages
  • Email notifications to automate communication within and between teams
  • Reports to show data in a variety of meaningful ways for digestible data
  • A powerful API to enhance native features and functionality

With over two-hundred free library applications to try out, you can quickly sense how Quick Base can be scaled and modified for your business.  Not sure where to start?  Call IDS to realize true benefits during your 30-day free trial.  Got a spreadsheet?  Then you are ready to use Quick Base.

Integration with web-based Applications & Add-Ons

Quick Base provides integration with other web-based Applications directly such as:

Bill.com | Intacct | NetSuite | Quick Base | QuickBooks Online | Salesforce | zendesk | zuora | box | Dropbox | Google Drive | Gmail

In addition, there are various Quick Base Add-Ons which have been built specifically for Quick Base to enable you to do more.

Try Quick Base out with their No Obligation 30-Day Trial and call IDS and let us show you how quickly you can do more.


Since 2015 Quick Base has hosted an annual User Conference called EMPOWER.  With hundreds of customers and access to the Quick Base Solution Providers, everything you want to know can be found in one place.

IDS was a customer-award finalist in 2015 and a member of a winning team at the 2016 App-a-Thon.

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  • QB Tip: Remember to turn off the Display Link to Record in Rel. & Proxy Fields if you are hiding tables and don't want a user 2c the record
  • QB Tip: Dynamic formulas relying on a field which is read-only on a form and made editable by a form rule may act erratically on the form.
  • QuickBase Tip: Answered this Q to launch report in another table data matching a field from the launch record: https://t.co/fWdqFyZrut
  • So excited for @IntuitQuickBase who are continuing to invest in the future of QuickBase and its customers. Proud 2b a QuickBase Developer!